Surprise blog posting... YEAH!!!

While just checking out my stats for webpage views. I noticed a very interesting thing. My post about converting Gentoo to Funtoo has been viewed 204 times. While that is very cool (at least to me), oddly enough the vast majority of those numbers are from day, 192 visits in one day to be precise, and my referral stats haven't changed a bit.


So this leads me to draw two conclusions: 1) Google got attached by evil code gremlins, who wanted to play with my head and make me think I have more readers than I really do. OR 2) Someone really liked my article, and posted it somewhere in such a way that a referral was not able to get marked. But this would mean that 192 people really did visit my site in day.

Regardless, I prefer to go with the second case. And would like to thank all the people who made this odd accomplishment possible(that means YOU!). I give you my gratitude. Thank you.

And of course, if anybody reading this has ideas on how this happened, I'm all eyes.

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