A year in the life of this blogger

A little over a month and a half ago there was a personal reason to raise a beer in celebration. This blog reached its first birthday!


Most popular posts:

Getting the eeepc synaptic pad to work with Fedora 12: this recently became the “best seller” on the site. I guess there are a lot of fedora netbook users out there that really want the full functionality of their touch pad. And I don't blame a single one of them. ;)

pxe-network boot virtualbox -pt 2: I can't take all the credit for this one. I was working on some PXE stuff for work and wanted to see if I could use VirtualBox as a testing tool. And when I read the blog I saw that there were some steps that were assumed that the reader knew about. So I just took it upon me as a good techie to fill in the perceived void.

Getting all installed software, and their versions, on Debian/Ubuntu pt 2: Now with Threads!: Like the syaptic pad post, this one hasn't been up there very long. But it's had a fair amount of viewers to it. I guess singing up for the Perl Ironman challenge paid off a little bit.

Flash Turtorial: Hello World: OK Really?!?! This should not have been viewed as much as it was. I shouldn't have been the first person to blog about using a button in flash for extreme beginners. Flash is very graphically oriented, having a text "Hello World" just seemed stupid to me.

Some lessons I've learned over the year:

It's amazing how much setting up SEO “stuff” can really draw traffic to one's site. I wish I learned that lesson much sooner than I did. Oh well, better late than never. And it really does seem to me that people prefer blogs that have been properly edited. Or at least I would like to think that I'm keeping readers longer because my grammar isn't as bad as when I started writing.

Some unexpected things:

No I didn't earn any money, mostly because I didn't try. But what did happen is that I got contacted for a job interview. Ironically enough it was the post how NOT to get a job interview that the recruiter saw and got interested in me. Even though this happened months ago, I still chuckle a little every time I think about it.

The email from John telling me that my code for PS3 trophies no longer worked. Granted it's not the best reason to receive an email, but all things considered it was nice of him to let me know that it no longer worked. John, if you're reading this, thanks!

PoisenBit's 4 comments. I appreciate all the information that he left, and I can't help but be in awe at the enthusiasm with which he did it.

And no accomplishment post would be complete without the most important part, the “Thank You's".

OJ – for motivating me to start this journey. Thanks Bro!

Kelsey – for having the patience to help me become a better writer, even if it's just for a blog. Thanks Goofy Girl!

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