Blocking html links in anonymous Drupal comments

Time for another update on the battle against spam.

Mollom has been great in fending off the large amounts of spam on the other site I run Freaky Tiki Productions. But I allow anonymous comments to be posted so you know that is just a breeding ground for spam comments. And last year for some reason a lot more html linked spam comments were getting through... and to say that it was annoying would be the biggest understatement of last year ( maybe even this year but its too soon to tell).

So I decided it was time to change to that, but I wasn't sure how. I didn't want to give up on the anonymous comments, but I had to stop people from posting linked spam. But after some tinkering I found a solution:

once logged into Drupal, and under the Administer-> Site Configuration-> Input Formats.

1)Click Configure for Full HTML

1.A) Un-check the box to allow unauthenticated users access to Full HTML

2) Return to Input Formats (the link at the top of the picture works well)

3) Set Filtered HTML to be the default

4) Under the Filtered HTML Edit tab

4.A) click on the Configure tab at the top

4.B) inside the “Allowed HTML tags” input box, remove "bracket a bracket"

And that is it. You have now disallowed anonymous users from using full html when posting comments and also stopped them from creating html links within said comments.

This has done wonders for me in cutting down comment spam. Next up, try to figure out the same thing for the name used when posting comments. The war continues!

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