Gentoo to Funtoo Migration

I have a little confession to make. I've been using Linux for a long time now. Over ten years if you want to put a number to it. The last seven of which I've been a devout Gentoo user. And in being a fan all those years and trolling on the forums like I usually do. I've seen a lot of complaints over the slowness of portage (the package management system for gentoo) and numerous requests for it to be rewritten to no longer use rsync as its back end.

And while Sabayon has to change this in their own distribution, which is based on gentoo and uses subversion for the Sabayon packages above the regular gentoo packages. There are also various layouts hosted by other gentoo users that accomplish the same thing.Which is basically to use subversion above portage. So even though this is a little different the actual portage architecture hasn't really changed, its still done over rsync.

Recently it has come to my attention that the founder of Gentoo, Daniel Robbins, has started a new distro based on his old creation. Its called Funtoo. And one of the things about this that caught my eye was that its using Git to do the package updates. Well of course I had to try this out. So in a virtual machine I got funtoo up and running. And I enjoyed the speed up of using git over rsync. But of course the geek mind wanders, like it always does, and I began to wonder if I could take a regular Gentoo install and move it to Funtoo without having to reinstall everything. So out came the virtual machine again, installed Gentoo on it. And this is my recipe for moving a Gentoo box to a Funtoo box.

So, in order for someone to do this, they are going to need a couple of things:
1) a working install of gentoo (DUH) as well as:
1.1)have git emerged (installed)
1.2)have the 2.2 version of portage installed
2) a downloaded copy of the funtoo stage 3 build for your system


(This part of the instructions where copied from the Funtoo quick install)
move /usr/portage to /usr/portage_old
download a copy of the current funtoo's portage snapshot from the website and decompress the file in the /usr directory:
cp portage*.tar.bz2 /usr
cd /usr
tar zxjif portage-*.tar.bz2

cd into the new portage directory and checkout the funtoo git repository:
cd /usr/portage
git checkout

update portage data:
emerge --sync

After that I just did a simple system update (being this was a barebones install of gentoo, system and world are the same. I can suspect that you will have more to rebuild if this is not the case.) :
emerge -u system

After this point, your going to be making the conversion from Gentoo to Funtoo. So things are of course going to go as smooth as sandpaper. Actually, it really wasn't that bad. There is just some loose ends regarding networking that you need to tie up.

Go to where you have your funtoo tarball, and extract the net.lo file like so:
tar xvjif state3-arch-current.tar.bz2 ./etc/init.d/net.lo

then copy it to your /etc like so:
cp net.lo /etc/init.d/net.lo

then delete net.eth0:
rm -f /etc/init.d/net.eth0

and the last part is to make sure your using a version of dhcpcd >= 4.x. If your running 5.x, then all you have to do is:
rc-update add dhcpcd default

and your done.

If your not running dhcpcd 5x and portage only tells you the latest version to install is in the 4x series, then you'll need to make a quick modification to the package.keywords file:
echo "net-misc/dhcpcd ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

and then reemerge dhcpcd, afterwards you'll be able to do the rc-update command above.

And if your using a static IP for your new Funtoo box, then you can avoid all that hassle above and just follow the Funtoo Network guide here.

After this point your basically done. You might have to run a quick etc-update. And maybe rebuild various packages. But all things said and done, welcome to your new funtoo system. Now go enjoy those faster sync's. ;)

Thanks for sticking around this long, and happy emerging.

Ryan Vick and I have recently

Ryan Vick and I have recently released the Slowloris DOS Mitigation Guide, which explains how to protect yourself against the Slowloris denial of service.

Used for switching back

This tutorial worked great for getting rid of funtoo and getting back to gentoo. Just had to download a different stage3 and instead of deleting net.eth0 you have to use 'ln -ls /etc/init.d/net.lo /etc/init.d/net.eth0'. I also needed to get rid of the git syncing of portage, I did an 'rm -rf /usr/portage' to fix the problem... I'm sure there's another way to do it without deleting a ton of files, but it solved my problem.

That is great to hear, thanks

That is great to hear, thanks for sharing Rob.

I was wondering if this post was still relevant and you just answered that for me. :)

There's the whole baselayout

There's the whole baselayout thing too, (openrc), etc -- maybe helps!

and /etc/make.conf needs to contain FEATURES="mini-manifest"

for full Migration

emerge sys-boot/boot-update

Thanks for the comments

Thanks for the comments Jennifer. I wish I had more patience to run this blog sometimes too. ;)

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