I'm still Alive... this site is now Google Analytics free

Sorry for not posting for while, like I said back in March I might not be focusing much on my blog this year because for personal reasons.

Regardless, I wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to remove the Google Analytics from my site. After the whole NSA, PRISM thing and how it relates to Google's information gathering, I didn't feel right using it on my site. I want my readers to feel safe about reading what (little) I have to say. (Next step is an SSL cert.)

Am I over reacting? I don't think so. This is something that I've thought about for a while. The key reason for this change is that I respect you, my reader, and your privacy.

For my US readers, I hope you enjoy your 4th of July holiday. Please take a second to remember what "freedom" and "independence" means to you and who is actually "fighting" for it.

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