First off, let me apologize for not writing in a long time, I haven’t forgotten about my blogging duties. Life has just forced a slight change of course for me a couple of months ago. Although I am still learning and growing, what I have been learning has been of a more personal nature. And since this blog is a tech blog I really don’t feel completely comfortable putting my personal developments right next to my technical ones, but I’m gonna take a break from my comfort zone to talk a little bit about something not so technical anyway.

Inspiration isn’t really a technical topic, but no less important when it comes to doing technical things. We in the technical field are quite lucky, we (generally) learn about our love for all things binary at a younger age, and pick our careers based on this love. But as the cliche goes, “Familiarity breeds contempt.”, one day we wake up dreading the idea of going to work, hating our job, and are (probably) none to happy about life either. The activity that we use to spend hours of our off work time doing, because we loved doing it, now begins to feel more like an obligation or a chore. People call this burnout, and the usual solution is to take a vacation. For most cases of burnout that works, but what about the cases where a vacation doesn’t get you out of that funk? That is when you need a moment of inspiration to allow you to rediscover why you picked your computer career in the first place.

Although this hasn’t happened to me in my career (yet), this did happen to me concerning this blog. The changes in my life that I eluded to earlier have had a direct effect on my writing, both extra curricular programming and blog writing, which I enjoy. I needed a moment of inspiration to help me break through my writer’s block and get back to coding and posting. That moment came to me a little while ago when I got an email form a reader named Dylan who wrote,

I'm a kid that's trying to learn coding. I have started down my path of
Python. I found your site because I have been using Python to solve the
problems. Your code is really good and has helped me out a lot. So I
thought I would give you a shout out and a thanks.

Sincerely, Dylan

This simple little email has given me the inspiration I needed to remind myself of why I started blogging in the first place. For me it’s about sharing with others the things I learned. So that hopefully someone else out there will benefit from my time spent figuring something out.

So long story short, when you get to do what you love for a living or a lot in general, sometimes you forget that you loved it. That is when you need a shot of inspiration to remind you why you why you loved something in the first place and I hope you get it when you need it.

Since this is the holiday season, I doubt I’ll post again this year. So I wish you all the happiest of holidays, whatever you celebrate, and a better year for you next year.

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