Interesting use of Twitter


I've been a Twitter user for over year now and I still don't really understand it. Twitter seems like a great way to IM a group of people, and that is about all. Now I admit that I don't really get into it, and only once did I receive an answer to a question through Twitter. Otherwise it really just seems to me to be about self-aggrandizement. I'm not saying that is bad though, just making an observation.

email from a job recruiter. (If any of my co-workers who actually read this want to know, I turned the job opportunity down.) However there was something out of the ordinary that caught my eye:

For up to date Vivo job openings and other 'hopefully helpful' info Please follow me at <>

I followed the link and saw that what John is doing is putting up quick blurbs of job titles on Twitter, in addition to his other random tweets. And this struck me as a great way to use this medium. In fact I think this idea is such a good one that with proper the proper usage of hashtags and enough recruiters doing it, we could see an evolution in the online job hunting arena. There is less of a need to rely strictly on Dice, Monster, Cyber Coders, and if I dare say it, even Craigslist, when you could just post on Twitter. It's basically the same idea. With Dice and all, you post a job, and wait for the responses to come it. With Twitter you can do the same thing, post a tweet with a link for the job on your site, and wait.

It's not a perfect idea, and would probably need some form of filtering to make it worthwhile. But I do think that in time this evolution will happen. It makes sense to me. In the meantime, I am just happy that I have found for myself a “good” use of Twitter.

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