Long absence and a new look

Where do I begin? I know its been about twenty months since I've posted anything here and I'm not sure where to start... so I'll start with the obvious and let the creative juices flow from there.

Have you noticed the new look? Its work done out of necessity. The old blog was built with Drupal 6; I was getting frustrated with updating it and I didn't want to migrate to Drupal 7 or 8. Instead, I jumped onto the static website bandwagon and migrate all of my musings to Pelican. So far I've been really happy with it. I'm currently using the default theme, but I'll probably change to a different one as time goes on. If anyone knows has any recomendations for Pelican themes, I'm all eyes.

Life has been great work wise, I got promoted into an operational security role, and a lot of my personal time was devoted towards getting my CISSP and my CEH certificaitons. I know a lot of people have a negative view on certificaitons, but I definitely have recieved some positive value from getting them. I tend to view certificaitons more as a side dish then the main course. A side can enhance any dish, but the main course is what really matters in a meal.

While I love working in security, I don't get to code as much as would like. I'm hoping that'll change in the future. What little hobby coding time I do have I've spent learning some Elixir and Rust, which are languages that I believe have a lot of potential. Both for very different reasons. That's probably a blog posting waiting to be written. The other weird thing about moving into security is that I haven't found my voice yet. I'm hoping to start small with book reviews and go from there.

I look forward to writing and posting again.

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