More than 1095 days of existence!! Or...Happy third birthday to Scrollingtext!!!


Another 365 have come and gone since the last time I've written one of these birthday posts, and like last time I'm still surprised and still proud that this blog and my creative juices have survived this long.

I will be the first to admit that I'm totally amazed over 17 THOUSAND people from all over the world have dropped by my site and read my writing. Who know what I had to say was that interesting? Knowing that interest is growing really makes me want to continue improving my writing and finding more interesting projects to explore. Last year Scrollingtext saw a little more than 10 thousand people - there’s been an amazing amount of growth over the last year, and I think I'm going to make it a personal goal to continue this trend.

The five most popular posts for the year are:

  • PXE Network Boot VirtualBox, PT 2 – This one has been up here for a long time. Seeing this in the top 5 makes me think I should think about doing follow-up posts on VirtualBox. Apparently people find this helpful.
  • Using curl and a user agent string for web scraping – I had no idea that web scraping would be so popular. Maybe I should write a follow-up article for this one too.
  • Project Euler: Problem 5 – The biggest thing for me about this post was learning about lcm's. As has been pointed out to me in the comments for Problem 12, and as a statement about programming in general, understanding the problem and knowing the right algorithm (or two) that solve it is more than half the battle.
  • Project Euler: Problem 4 – I think this one takes the cake for most comments on a single post. Oh and OJ, I was just reading over those comments and I think I picked up on your subtle optimization. Nice little trick!
  • Project Euler: Problem 12 – I was really proud of this post. I spent a lot of time and energy learning how to use the State Monad to get the problem to run and the result was totally worth the effort.

Things I've learned:

For the last year I've had an actual programming job, and within that job I've learned a lot of python programming tricks and idioms - some of which I know have carried over into my personal style. My playing around with Haskell as also affected my style of programming. My boss can identify my code on sight because I use fewer variables than my co-workers. So in a way I've learned that everything I do, both at work and on my own, are connected. The time spent thinking about Project Euler problems and writing that code may not directly translate to what I do at work, but it definitely has an effect on the code I end up writing at work (and the quality of that code).

No retrospective post would not be complete without the “Thank yous.” First, thank you to my girlfriend , Kelsey. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be able to properly articulate my thoughts to the world. And secondly thank you to the 17 thousand people who visited the site last year, all the people who visited in the previous two, and everyone who keeps coming back. Having a place where I can post what I'm currently working on in my spare time is a nifty thing. But having people actually read it makes it so much cooler! So thank you to everyone who's ever read something on my site, where ever you are now.

On that note, Happy 3rd birthday Scrollingtext. Here’s to another year and hopefully many more.

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