Thank you ITT

So this is my first blog post, and I want to use it to tell a quick story.

Being I am about to graduate college soon (that is a relative term of course); my mind has been juggling with the path to take next. I have about over five years of expirence being in IT including the last three as a Unix student worker at PSU, and none as being a programmer. So going back to IT would be really easy, and with a degree now the process of finding a job in a bad economy would become a easier. And of course going this route would remove the fear I have about becoming a professional programmer. Yes, I said it, I'm scared. I have no idea what the world of professional programming will expect from me. I'm fresh out of school and full of mostly theory, but not much in the way of practical experience. Sure I've done scripts for work. And yes my Capstone project (translate: required internship) does have me programming and interacting with a group of programmers towards a specfic goal, I can't help but feel a little anxious regarding the unknown.

And this internal struggle has been going on for a while now. Then about a month ago I was taking the MAX from downtown Portland to the airport. Along the way it passes by an ITT Tech Institute. The parking looked like it could hold about one hundred to one hundred and fifty cars, and it was full. And of course I remembered a couple of good friends of mine who graduated from ITT. And they seem to be doing well for themselves in these rough times. But it put all the effort I've been putting in since I decided to go back to school four years ago into serious perspective.

And so thanks for a full parking lot of an ITT students, I know that once I graduate college I'm going out into the world and finding a programming job.

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