Tweet Dump pt 2 : Statistics

Some of you might remember my post last week titled Tweet Dump. And some of you might recall that I didn't include any statistics regarding my findings. That was my bad, and I apologize. I'll do my best to not do that in the future. So without taking up any more of your time let's get right to the numbers.

So here is the SQL I used to check for the amount of ReTweets:

select count(*) from tweets where tweet like '%RT%';

which returned:

1791 out of 50234, or 3.56%.

The SQL for tweets to at least one person:

select count(*) from tweets where tweet like '%@%';

which returned:

20984 or 41.78%

The SQL for tweets with http links:

select count(*) from tweets where tweet like '%http://%';


9154 or 18.23%

This is the SQL I used to try and find any retweets:

select ids, count (*) as cnt from tweets group by ids having cnt > 1;

And sadly I get 0. Its a little weird that I can capture almost fifty one thousand tweets and not one person tweeting more than once. I wanna try again with this, but with a smaller window of time. Maybe people are less likely to tweet more than once in a window. I don't know, I'm just curious. Could something with my SQL. Anyone see anything wrong with it?

And finally the SQL for hashtags:

select count(*) from tweets where tweet like '%#%';

which returned 15117 or 30.09%

However, the SQL above also grabbed things like this:


Which are not incorrect per se. But I wasn't really wanting to include characters from foreign languages in my search. Thus I'll need to come up with a more defined SQL query that will parse tweets like this out of my count.

Now some of you more detailed readers might have noticed that the percentages only add up to 93.66%. The only meaning I could say to that is maybe, just maybe, 6.34% is just regular tweets. Obviously, I'm not doing a very in depth search, as there are probably tweets that will be directed to someone and include a link. Which my numbers don't really take into consideration. And if you really want to know these kinds of numbers, ask a statistician. I'm a programmer. :P

Again, I'm not quite done with this project. But I thought I would take the time to share my findings. I hope you found them as interesting as I did.

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