Two Year Anniversary


Even though the actual anniversary was a little over two months ago, I see no reason not to talk about it and do some celebrating. I am absolutely amazed by how many people viewed my blog this past year. Below I've included the numbers for both this past year and the year before, for comparison’s sake. You should go and check those out. Don't worry, I'll wait.


Done? Good. I am really excited about these numbers. You might have noticed that my readership multiplied by almost 10 in one year. It's especially cool to see that over 20% of my readers are returning visitors.

I'm also really excited for this year, as I have a few ideas that I can't wait to turn into posts. Look for posts discussing Git pre-commit hooks, applying formal logic to practical programming, and more effective methods of Python error checking. Good things are coming.

Most Popular Posts For Last Year:

pxe-network boot virtualbox -pt 2 : Much like last year, I'm really surprised that this post made it into the top five. Mostly because I just appended some things that the original author didn't include. I guess a lot of people are still trying to figure this problem out.

Project Euler : Problem 5 : Sixteen comments. The coolest thing regarding this post was learning about the lowest common multiple math function.

Project Euler : Problem 4: THIRTY-SIX comments! I really have nothing more to say to that. Alright, I lied. I will also say the comment from Gary Campbell with the very efficient operations for getting a sum of a list was a real winner.

Project Euler : Problem 6: I believe this is the first time that agf (as he/she comments here) started posting comments on my blog. Luckily for me he/she hasn't stopped.

Using curl and a user agent string for web scraping: I guess webscraping is a hot topic in this day and age. I'm a little surprised by this, but am happy to be able to provide some help for people trying to figure it out.


Getting the comment from Dirkjan Ochtman , the maintainer of the couchdb-python project, was particularly cool. It really gave me a sense of being connected to a project, lead me to hang out on the mailing list for the better part of a year, and even helped out with trouble shooting a bug.

It was so awesome seeing all of the Project Euler answers readers posted in different languages. Thanks for sharing everyone! It’s interesting to me that I get more comments and discussion interaction from readers for getting a wrong answer than getting the right one. Does anyone have any ideas of why that might be?

Things learned:

I got a wild hair to change hosting providers. Though it was a hellish process, I learned a lot. Next time I switch, (if I ever do again) those lessons will make it a lot easier.

People really seemed to like seeing the Project Euler stuff in multiple languages. I think that readers also enjoyed seeing the performance numbers for the languages as well.

I've never forgotten that I started this blog as a bit of a lark, and it's just awesome to see that other people are starting to check it out and enjoy it as much as I do. Happy Birthday

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