Windows 7 USB Boot Disk

So on your computer you have a shiny new copy of Windows 7 in ISO format. Now the next question is how to get it unto your Asus EEE PC. A USB Bootdisk of course (you could burn a dvdr, but why waste it). So here is the procedure I had to follow to get mine to work.

Things you'll need:

USB drive > 4GB

Windows 7 in iso format

UNetbootin (link)

a running version of Vista

  • 1) First step is to use UNetbootin to get the contents of the ISO onto the usb drive.

  • 2) Wait while things are copied to the disk.

  • 3) Remove a couple of files from the USB disk after UNetbootin is done:

  • 3.1) vesamenu.c32

  • 3.2) syslinux.cfg

  • 3.3) ubnfile.txt

  • 3.4) ubnpath.txt

  • 3.5) ldlinux.sys

  • 3.6) bootmgr

  • 4) Use whatever method your comfortable with to get the drive letter for the device (In this we're going to say that my thumb drive is E:).

  • 5) Now bring up your command line (usually Start Button -> Run & type cmd then enter). And put the following instructions in it:

bootsect /n60 e:

  • 6) Now close out the command window, safely disconnect the thumb drive, and your ready to boot up windows 7 on that awesome EEE Pc of yours... or someone else's.

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